Zeno Acne

Rather than taking the normal chemical approach to eradicating acne, Zeno Acne aims to destroy the bacteria by triggering a heat shock response, causing the destruction of the micro-organisms and allowing the skin to return to a normal, healthy state. The P. acnes bacterium is the root cause of 90% of all acne and is susceptible to the heat shock response that causes the bacteria to automatically self destruct. […]

Murad Acne

There are lot of acne products on the market today and one of the popular ones is Murad Acne. It is sold as a kit and they recommend that you use it for 4 weeks. In this article we look at how it works and some feedback from real life customers. […]

Acne Solution

So many companies claim to have the right acne solution for you that it is hard to make an informed decision. Understanding the choices is very important in making the right decision. […]

Acne Treatment

There are thousands of acne treatment products available on the market today, and there effectiveness varies massively form person to person. So which one is likely to be effective for you? or is it more than one? […]

Proactiv Acne

There are a myriad of acne treatment products on the market and Proactive Acne is one of the most prominent available today. But the big question is; “does it work?”, and if so how? What is acne and what can you do about it. […]