What personality should a mental health coordinator have?

I’m doing an assignment where I have to explain the personality a mental coordinator should have. I have tried Googling and all but I just can’t find a reliable website that relates to what I’m looking for. Can anyone share with me any information on having a career as a mental health coordinator? Their requirements, […]

How can i lose a thick layer of belly fat convering my stomach and get a six pack in 70 days?

I have 70 days until my spring break and by then, i want to lose the layers of fat that are covering my stomach anbd i want to get some defined muscls, not exactly a six pack but muscles that are on their way to six pack, how can i

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How to fake a heart attack and survive it?

Hi there, does anyone know what drugs and or what procedure a fit healthy man would need to take/do in order to fake a heart attack and survive.

I’m not about to do this in real life so don’t worry, its for a script, the character is fit enough to be an astronaut, about 35 […]

How do I treat acne and the scars it leaves behind?

I have tried nearly everything: Proactiv, antibiotics, shots to the face, over the counter creams, and just about everything. My acne goes away and then comes back. Not only that but it leaves scars behind as well as brown dots where the zits were. Can anyone suggest anything for acne, the scars, and the brown […]

What is your morning skincare and makeup routine?

Add your age and product types too. I might change my routines but here it is.Im 13 and my routine is: Skincare: Clearasil daily face wash Ponds dry skin cream Hawaiin tropics spf 30 sunscreen Makeup; EOS lipbalm MAC translucent powder Curled lashes MAC lipstick in Captive (pinkish betry color

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