Health is something many of us take for granted, some of us have good health and others have less than ideal health. If our health is good, then more often than not we simply don’t appreciate it. If our health is less than ideal then we worry about it and bemoan the bygone days of vibrant youth.

Whatever your health condition now, one thing is for sure it will change in the future, the question is, will it change for the better or for the worse?

When I was young I had what felt like perfect health, I was strong, fit even athletic at some points in my life. I would run every day and did karate for many years. However, as work pressure grew and my life got busy, exercise and care with my diet went to the back of my mind.

Although I was never fat, I did eat the wrong foods and enjoyed too much of the high life, eventually my body started to suffer illnesses that seemed to have no cause and that were getting worse and worse. In the end I decided that the lack of knowledge on the part of the doctors and the escalating nature of my ill health had to change. The last straw for me was when I had my third gout attack that was so painful I could not sleep.

I began a long and determined process of returning myself to full health and now I am writing these articles and tip sheets to help others with their health challenges.

It is my sincere wish that you find these writings of interest and as far as possible of help to you.

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