Natural Acne Remedy

There are many acne remedies available today some natural and some artificial. The best acne remedy I like to recommend, which works for the majority of sufferers is the simple skim care diet.

The chances are that your diet is not what it should be, and that this is having an affect on your skin. My preferred Buy cheap online Provigil underline;”>acne remedy is to focus on what is likely to effect the condition of the skin. Whilst everyone’s diet is different, so is the nature of your individual reaction to specific foods. It is therefore impossible to give blanket dietary guidelines which apply to everyone. However there are common thymes that can be used to create an optimum diet for healthy skin

Acne Remedy Dos

As part of this acne remedy there are a number of things you really must do as part of your diet.

  • Drink plenty of water: Have at least 6 large glassed of clean water per day, between meals, in addition to your other drinks.
  • Colorful fruit and vegetables: Have five daily servings if fresh colorful, red/orange/yellow vegetables and fruits, included in this are purple foods, green foods, onions and garlic, and ‘seed’ foods such as peas, but not including white foods such as potatoes, cauliflower, sugar, flour.
  • Essential fats: Have at least one tablespoon of cold-pressed seed oils every day and eat oily fish three times a week.
  • Fresh seeds: Each day eat a tablespoon of mixed fresh seeds, such as pumpkin, sunflower, sesame or ground hemp/linseed.
  • Fiber-rich foods: Eat plenty of whole grains, lentils and beans.
  • Organic foods: As far as possible eat organic produce as it is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
  • Avoid dairy products: Avoid eating dairy products. Try sometimes using alternatives to milk and cheese such as Soya, rice milk and tofu.
  • Vegetable proteins: Include some Soya, beans, lentils, nuts and sprouted seeds.
  • Alcohol: Avoid alcohol completely or substantially limit your alcohol intake.
  • Tea and coffee: Limit your intake of coffee and black tea to no more than two cups a day.


This part of the acne remedy is particularly important, because these food elements are very toxic to the skin. It is wise to thoroughly check the ingredients on the packet of any pre-packed foods.

  • Sugar: Avoid sugary foods such as soft drinks, sweets/candy, jams, many packaged cereals, biscuits, cakes and desserts and do not add sugar to your food.
  • Refined carbohydrates: avoid foods containing white flour, such as bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries and pasta as this turns to sugar in your body.
  • Chemicals: Avoid foods containing chemical additives; includes most canned, preserved or processed foods.
  • Fried foods: Avoid all fried foods. Boil, steam, bake or lightly grill your food.
  • Fatty foods: Avoid foods like butter, cream and ice cream.
  • Processed fats: Avoid processed foods as many contain trans-fats.
  • Smoking: Don’t smoke at all ever.

The ideal acne remedy also includes eating mostly raw foods and little or no meat.
By following these guidelines there is a very high probability that you can significantly reduce and often eliminate your acne. This acne remedy diet is not new, but it is effective in most cases.

Natural Acne Remedy
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