What acne products work the absolute best?

I used to have flawless skin almost always, now i get horrible dark red breakouts. I also keep getting marks from previous acne. I wash my face every night and use a spot treatment. I also wash my face every morning and use a salicylic acid moisterizer before i put on makeup because i have dry skin. Its not working. What should i do?

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    7 comments to What acne products work the absolute best?

    • special_K

      The best acne products would be the ones you get from the doctor by prescription. If that’s not an option, try Proactive.

    • Sophie

      u have to use natural products i have acne and i use tea tree soap – can find in the body shop and derma v10 innovations day cream – can find in the pound shop, and they both are very cheap lasted me ages and work amazingly

    • Brittany E

      I use Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit scrub when I wash my face. It has salicylic acid in it and also micro scrubbers to remove dead, dry skin and open pores. It also smells amazing… like grapefruits xD. and moisturizer afterwards definitely, because I too have dry skin. Another way to reduce my dry skin I found is using Palmer’s Cocoa Oil. I originally got it for stretchmarks, and last winter my skin got so dry nothing would work. I put it on at night after washing my face before bed. It did not make me break out at all and it soothed my skin so the marks were not as red. I have also read virgin coconut oil is good for dry skin and acne as well, you could possibly google that one. And drink a lot of water. It will help flush out impurities in your skin.

    • izzy

      soap (such as Dove, Neutrogena, Cetaphil, CeraVe, or Basics). Remove all dirt or make-up. Wash once or twice a day, including after exercising. However, avoid scrubbing or repeated skin washing.
      Shampoo your hair daily if it is oily. Comb or pull your hair back to keep the hair out of your face.

      Try not to squeeze, scratch, pick, or rub the pimples. Although it might be tempting to do this, it can lead to skin infections and scarring.

      Try over-the-counter acne medications – like Panoxyl. If no improvement see your doctor.

    • All

      If you want a natural acne treatment, you might want to check out the 7-in-1 biological acne cream =)

    • ABK

      humm…dark red break out could be hormonal. I do agree perhaps try proactive. do not use the sulfur based spot treatment by proactive usually the red inflamed ones have sensitive surrounding skin and the sulfur can burn the good skin.
      Also if you can talk to your doctor about Retin a cream. I found it helped not only prevent new pimples from forming but also helped with scarring. Loved the Retin a.
      If you need a good moisturizer try neturogena oil free and non comedegenic moisturizer or even the spectre get and cetaphil are good too for under make up use.
      if you have any more questions leave a comment at

    • Manoj

      In order to really get rid of your acne long term, you need a powerful long term solution. The more methods of treatment you know of the better your chances of clearing it away and having beautiful smooth skin again. This article will give you the tools you need in order to finally overcome your condition so you can look and feel the way you were meant to.

      When going about treating any kind of acne, there are first a few different questions you have to ask yourself. First of all, you have to find out exactly what kind of acne you have. For example, there is cystic acne and acne vulgaris. Cystic acne is typically regarded as the worst kind of acne because its severity and resistance to traditional methods of treatment. Acne vulgaris is considered to be the most common type of acne and is generally easily treated through traditional means.

      If you have acne vulgaris, the first and most basic step you should take is finding a good topical product to clean your skin with each day. A topical treatment product can be anything like a facial scrub/mask, creams, lotions, or moisturizers. You will want to first pay a visit to your dermatologist to find out more about your condition before you go ahead with treatment, but many topical products will work with any kind of acne.

      Also remember that there is no one single product or method of treatment that works for everyone, so if you try one thing and it doesn’t work, don’t become discouraged. Part of treating your acne is having patience for the process of trial and error. One thing you can do to speed up this process is to do research on different acne treatment products to look at reviews from people who have tried them, that way you can save yourself both time and money.

      Despite the great things people say about some acne products, I have found that most acne treatments simply did not work for me. But after years of struggling to get rid of my acne, I finally found something that was able to almost completely cure my acne in just a few week……..

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