Vegan Butternut Squash Soup Recipe On Video

Recipe: Roasting vegetables in healthy vegan recipes brings out their sugars and Cheap Accutane gives a full flavor to your dishes. This vegan butternut squash soup recipe makes a thick, creamy soup without any need for dairy!

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10 comments to Vegan Butternut Squash Soup Recipe On Video

  • ilikethewok

    Looks very appetizing!! Thx so much for this video.

  • ShaunieceCooks

    My mom really wanted some butternut squash soup recently, so she got a butternut squash, and I been staring at it for the past few days wondering what am I gonna do with this? Thanks to you I can know exactly what I’m gonna do thanks for sharing!

  • tora604

    Question.. What about baking it whole. Won’t it keep more of its nutriants that way? Also, do you use the seed? They are great roasted.

  • cabernetqueen

    this is fabulous! I love your vids– In the past year – I have lost 115 lbs- with help from Gastric Bypass- and since – I have become a flexitarian- mostly because I do not enjoy animal protien anymore– — you have helped tremendously! I live on lentils! and have bought my first calabasa- pumpkin– keep them coming!

  • Cidtalk

    Excellent. I love butternut squash. I ALWAYS get the oil on my hands and then all over other things..haha I don’t take out the seeds though. I just cut the squash in half, oil them up, lay them on a rack over a tray, cut side up. Then back at 425 for maybe 30-45 minutes, until it’s all nicely browned. Different sizes need different cooking, of course. Then scrape out the seeds and it’s amazing!!!

  • healthyvegan

    @ShaunieceCooks perfect, hope she likes it! play with the seasonings if you like a little more or less spice :)

  • healthyvegan

    @tora604 Yeah, you would probably keep more nutrients but it takes much longer. Some more nutrient loss would happen because of the longer time in the oven, though probably not as much as having it cut open. There’s also the question of your patience…

  • healthyvegan

    @cabernetqueen Awesome! I’m glad to hear you are enjoying a healthier diet, and glad to provide you with some ideas for vegan meals!

  • healthyvegan

    @tora604 oh, and yes, I do roast the seeds unless Phil uses them to plant squash :)

  • healthyvegan

    @Cidtalk nice, getting two birds with one stone there… you’re reminding me that I could use a bit of oil on my hands right now, they’re pretty dry with the winter air :)

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