What diet should I feed my dog with cancer?

He has had surgery for hemangiosarcoma, and I want to prolong the life he has left.

I’ve just switched him to a raw diet combined with all protein and vegetable kibble. No grains.
Yes, I have talked with the vet and he suggested a few different diets. I am looking for peoples’ experiences.
I"m also giving him 1000 mg of Omega 3 a day.

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    7 comments to What diet should I feed my dog with cancer?

    • Kelly

      O my goodness I asked the same question last week.
      Im so sorry your dog has cancer, I know what youre going through and it will be ok.

      I make my dogs food as well, as this is the best way to control the cancer. And I give her Orijen grain free kibble if shes still hungry at night.
      I mainly feed chicken and just add vegetables I have on hand, like celery, zucchini, potato etc (but not sugary ones)
      So far youve got it right, No Grains. These turn to glucose which feeds cancer cells.
      You also want to limit naturally sugary vegetables like carrots and pumpkin, and only feed fruit on occasion if you want.

      Look up the cancer starving diet, which limits the amount of glucose you give to a dog because cancer cells need glucose to survive.

      Here are two GREAT sites

      EDIT: I also add NUPRO supplement to her food, which completely balances the meal, as well as Salmon Oil.
      It is good to make sure your dog gets a lot of Protein and good fatty acids like Omega 3.


    • ?PomMom?®™

      Really, your vet should be the only one to answer this since he is ill. I would give them a call in the morning.

    • Mary

      I’ll agree you need to discuss this with a vet, but if you’re looking for suggestions to ask your vet about….

      From this link:

      Hill’s Pet Nutrition has introduced Hill’s Prescription Diet(R) Canine n/d, the only therapeutic pet food clinically proven to increase the survival time of dogs undergoing cancer treatment, according to Hill’s.
      The food has also been shown to improve a dog’s quality of life by helping reverse the harmful metabolic abnormalities created by cancer in the body. Prescription Diet Canine n/d is formulated with high levels of n-3 fatty acids and arginine, as well as a patented nutrient profile, proven to fight the adverse effects of cancer and cancer therapy.
      More than a decade of research with Colorado State University’s Comparative Oncology Unit and Hill’s resulted in the formulation.

    • hunterdog57

      Go to Barnes and Noble and get this book. "The Nature of Animal Healing", by Martin Goldstein, DVM. It is covers natural/holistic medicine for dogs and cats. Chapter 8 covers cancer and has diets designed to aid in the elimination/recurrence of the tumors.
      I got the book because my 10 y/o lab has an enlarged liver. He wasn’t processing protein lie he should have been. He went from 80+ lbs. to 59. After getting the book and doing a bit of research, I put him on a fish based food and started giving him milk thistle capsules. He is now back to his normal weight and energy level.

    • Caninelegion

      Whatever your vet tells you to but definitely stop with the raw; it is not recommended by vets even for healthy dogs and a cancer racked dog will have a lowered immune response. At some point, giving him what he likes the best might make sense and at the end, you will have to work to get him to eat anything.

    • EM

      i’m sorry to hear about your dog w/ cancer. many of us have had the sad experience of animals w/ cancer.

      i recently read this article and it may help you and your vet find the best options for your dog:
      Nutrition and Cancer: Exciting Advances for 2002!
      Gregory K. Ogilvie, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM (Internal Medicine, Oncology)
      Professor and Head of Medical Oncology, Animal Cancer Center, Colorado State University
      Ft. Collins, CO, USA

      i find raw diets to be helpful and have had success w/ them. i understand that they are not for all owners or all vets – the same is true for concentrated food supplements and i’ve had success w/ those too for both wellness and quality of life support.

      best wishes.

    • GSDoxie3

      Our neutered, six year old German shepherd had prostate cancer. This book was really helpful to me. The author puts things in terms that are easy to understand, and she goes step by step with diet and treatment suggestions that helped her dog.

      I definitely believe a holistic veterinarian combined with your regular vet is the best way to go. We tried a combination of things. I was lucky enough to work with a team of fantastic doctors. One of them was also into a lot of holistic treatments, and her husband was a veterinary oncologist.

      You may also try this yahoo group:

      Know that whatever you’re doing is enough as long as you try. I wish you all the luck in the world with your boy.

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